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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Courses

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is the detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, recovery and disposal of Explosive Ordnance. The EOD training programme includes altogether five consecutive courses beginning with the EOD Level 1 and ending with two specializations in EOD Level 3+.

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Explosive Hazards Awareness and Reduction Course

Explosive Hazards (EH) Awareness and Reduction are those actions which lessen the probability and/or severity of physical injury to people, property or the environment. The EH Awareness and Reduction course focuses on providing adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate understanding and behaviour changes of people (target groups) at risk.

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Training-of-Trainers Course

The Training-of-Trainers (ToT) course is designed to prepare instructors from Central Asia and Afghanistan to deliver Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Explosive Hazards Awareness and Reduction Courses on a national and international level. The ToT is intended to equip prospective instructors with the understanding of specific training methods and methodologies for training adults as well as how to design, deliver, evaluate and follow-up training event.

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Officials from Central Asia travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina on OSCE-supported visit to learn more about reducing threat of explosive hazards

Best practices in reducing and responding to the threat of explosive hazards was the focus of an OSCE-supported three-day visit by a delegation from three Central Asian countries to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which concluded on 19 November 2015.

During the visit, which was jointly facilitated by the OSCE Office in Tajikistan and the OSCE Mission to BiH, 14 representatives of the national armed forces, the national mine action authorities and supporting agencies from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan exchanged their experience with colleagues from BiH and discussed issues related to peace-keeping operations.


OSCE Office in Tajikistan supports training courses on Improvised Explosive Devices Defeat

The second training course facilitated by the OSCE Office in Tajikistan on Improvised Explosive Devices Defeat (IED-D) for Tajik and Afghan specialists concluded in Dushanbe on 5 November 2015.

17 representatives of national armed forces, national mine action co-ordination authorities and supporting agencies from Tajikistan and Afghanistan completed the training course. It follows the first course held on 26-30 October 2015 and attended by fifteen military specialists from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.



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