Cooperative Partnerships

OSCE Office in Tajikistan (OiT)

The OiT has through its current mandate with the host country been encouraged to engage in regional activities that may foster and develop closer intra-regional co-operation.

The OiT provides project management of the ICExH programme through a Co-operation Support Cell located within Mine Action Unit/Politico-Military Department. Furthermore, it is in charge of resource mobilization and management of the project’s Extra-Budgetary contributions.
OSCE field operations in Central Asia and OSCE Secretariat

The OSCE field operations in Central Asia support the project implementation as a channel of communication and coordination through its regular contacts with the national authorities of pS.

The OiT works in close co-operation with the Secretariat’s Conflict Prevention Centre as well as other relevant thematic units within the Secretariat to support project implementation.
OSCE  pS in Central Asia and Afghanistan The interested CA pS and Afghanistan through their responsible agencies, e.g. Ministries of Defence, Ministries of Internal Affairs, the Protection and Rescue/Disaster Preparedness and Response authorities and national mine action authorities, are the recipients of the trainings, exchange programmes and other project’s opportunities.
Training Partners

Trainings foreseen within the ICExH programme are delivered by qualified and certified training institutions and/or professionals in partnership with the OiT.

The U.S. Army Central Command (ARCENT), in line with the Memorandum of Agreement signed with the OiT in February 2014, provides in-kind training support for the following courses: EOD level 1, 2, 3 & 3+ (specialization C-IED).

Currently the trainings are being certified by the Tajikistan National Mine Action Centre.

Explosive Hazards Awareness and Reduction course has been developed and delivered with the in-kind support from the LMAC, DCA HMA and UNMAST - UNIFIL

Training Host

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Tajikistan has been hosting trainings (as part of the ICExH programme) organized at its Engineering-Sapper Regiment in Dushanbe and at the Field training centre of the Military Institute in Lyaur.

The MoD of Tajikistan plans to utilize the ICExH programme in order to set up a regional Explosive Hazards training centre. For this purpose the OiT has provided support to upgrade the training facilities at the above mentioned locations.
Donor community The ICExH programme has been developed as an Extra-Budgetary project. This means that its implementation relies solely on the generous support of the donor community.


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