OSCE organizes joint field visits to humanitarian demining sites in Vahdat and Garm

Between 30 October and 3 November 2023, the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe’s Integrated Cooperation on Explosive Hazards Programme (ICExH) together with the Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre (REHTC) of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense organized the first joint field visits to humanitarian demining sites in the Vahdat and Garm regions of Tajikistan. Four REHTC instructors (all male) and four OSCE representatives, of which two were female staff participated in the field visits.

During the one-week field visits, the participants enhanced their knowledge and skills in the effective management of clearance programmes, including the preparation of appropriate documentation and procedures, the use of well-trained and qualified deminers and individual Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators, and the use of effective and safe equipment, stores and supplies.

The participants were introduced to the humanitarian demining operations of the mine clearance teams of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense and Norwegian People's Aid; methods of searching, detecting, and destroying mines and unexploded ordnance; the non-technical survey methods used in identifying, accessing, collecting, reporting and using information to identify Suspected Hazardous Areas and Confirmed Hazardous Areas; and casevac and medevac procedures referring to the movement of the casualty out of the hazardous area, immediate first aid, and ambulance transfer to a destination at which the surgery and ongoing care can be provided.

The activity is part of the OSCE’s Programme Office in Dushanbe broader role in mobilizing key national actors and developing a platform for joint action aiming to make a lasting difference in humanitarian mine action.

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