The Introduction to IED (I-IED) Regional Course

The Introduction to IED (I-IED) Regional Course is taking place at the OSCE-POiD's premises, 26-30 November 2018.

OSCE POiD, Mine Action Unit, the Integrated Co-operation on Explosive Hazards Programme has a role of a training manager, US ARMY CENTRAL (USARCENT) ), led by Chief Greg Niles, has a role of a training partner and MoD RT has a role of a training host.

There are 28 participants: 3 from Afghanistan (MIA and UNMAS), 2 from Kazakhstan (MoD), 2 from Kyrgyzstan (MoD) and 21 from Tajikistan (OSCE-POiD SALW, TNMAC, National Guard, the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence, MoD, Border Troops, Union of Sappers in Tajikistan and NPA Tajikistan).

The Introduction to IED (I-IED) Regional Course is a part of the building blocks training cycle, and it is intended to be a start-up/Block 1 of 3 blocks, second being the Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) Regional Course that is planned for 2019, and subsequently third and final block of the complex and comprehensive IED training cycle, EOD Level 3+ Improvised Explosives Devices Disposal (IED-D) Regional Course planned for 2020. There will be a final exam at the end of the course, in order to determine which candidates that can qualify for the C-IED Regional Course.

The theoretical part of The Introduction to IED (I-IED) Course will be held at the OSCE-BSMC, as a part of intra-departmental co-operation within OSCE POiD.

The first part of the practical and non-destructive training (personal protective equipment-PPE, detection methods – metal detectors, magnetic locators and dual sensors, methodologies and technologies and hook-and-line) is to take place in the garden of OSCE POID and through the table-top exercises with direct and independent involvement of the participants based on mixed teams. The representative of Vallon GmbH, Germany, one of the most prominent manufacturers of metal detectors and dual sensors, Mr. Tim Gaetcke will have a presentation on the contemporary detection devices on Wednesday 28 November.

There will be a study visit to the Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre in Chimteppa and a demonstration of IEDs Disposal at the training site in Lahur for the second part of the practical training.


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