About the Central Asia Expert Network

The Expert Network is connecting specialists and practitioners in dealing with Explosive Hazards issues in Central Asia. It brings together individuals with their career paths in military engineering, ammunition management and humanitarian Mine Action. These individuals serve in the military and security sector as well as in the national humanitarian Mine Action institutions. Training institutions and international centers of expertise in the field of Explosive Hazards involved in the OSCE project are also participating in the network.

The network enables specialists and practitioners to:

  • exchange technical information, experiences and lessons learnt, in particular to interact directly or via referrals in order to exchange solutions to unique or similar Explosive Hazards problems;
  • accumulate and use common Explosive Hazards training resources (accredited curricula and materials) accessible for registered individuals via web-page;
  • contribute to the OSCE confidence- and security building measures and facilitate technical co-operation efforts in the domain of Explosive Hazards in Central Asia. The ICExH programme web page is one of the main communication platforms for the Expert Network.

The ICExH progamme’s Co-operation Support Cell manages this highly reliable and secure web page, which is accessible around the clock, seven days a week.

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