Introduction to Explosive Hazards Exchange Programmes

The exchange programmes connect specialists and practitioners from Central Asia to address specific thematic issues in the domain of Explosive Hazards through short-term exchange visits. Exchange programmes work towards finding synergies and solutions to common concerns and challenges together, sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences on a technical level.

Exchange Programmes Outline

The exchange programmes are customized and prepared according to the expressed needs and joint recommendations achieved through technical cooperation dialogue in Central Asia.

The exchange programmes focus on system(s) and work of the Explosive Hazards Response and Reduction in interested Central Asian states and Afghanistan. They consist of a series of seminars and workshops facilitated by local specialists and practitioners with expertise and experience in the targeted areas. They also involve site visits to local government and non-government stakeholders involved in the targeted areas.

Exchange Programmes Aim and Objectives

The exchange programmes aim to enhance national capacities in Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response for the interested states in Central Asia, including Afghanistan in accordance with international standards and best practices.

The specific objectives of exchange programmes are:

  • Promoting regional understanding of Explosive Hazards issues through specialist development and cross-border exchanges;
  • Promoting cooperation initiatives and partnerships that facilitate the transfer of experiences and best practices among Central Asian pS.

Exchange Programmes Target Group

The target group of the training programme is professionals / experts from the interested OSCE participating states in Central Asia and Afghanistan serving in the military and security sector as well as in humanitarian Mine Action institutions.
Targeted institutions are the relevant departments / units within the national authorities such as Ministries of Defence, Border Troops, Ministries of Internal Affairs and Ministries/Agencies of Emergency Situations and national Mine Action Centres.

Exchange Programmes Host and Location

Subject to the jointly agreed thematic focus of the exchange programme the location (country) and interested host authority is officially contacted and confirmed.

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