Introduction to the Training-of-Trainers Course

The Training-of-Trainers (ToT) course is designed to prepare instructors from Central Asia and Afghanistan to deliver training on Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response. The trainers should already possess knowledge, experiences and skills in dealing with Explosive Hazards. The course focuses on management processes on how to design, deliver and follow-up an international training course in Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response. The ToT is intended to equip prospective instructors with the understanding of specific training methods and methodologies for training adults.

Training Outline

The ToT is prepared in accordance with the relevant international standards (such as International Mine Action standards - IMAS 06.10) and best practices. It focuses on management of international training courses with Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response content.

The training programme content focuses on management of Explosive Hazard Reduction and Response training:

  • General requirements and training administrative procedures, e.g. trainer requirements, translator support, accommodation and transport requirements, medical and firefighting support, communications, testing support, monitoring and evaluation requirements;
  • Training needs analysis (to include knowledge, skills and attitudes analysis) derived from organization analysis, task analysis and training needs;
  • Training design and preparation to include content preparation, type of trainings (general, basic, refresher and continuing training), learning experiences, training delivery (instructor led one-on-one, group trainings, lectures and hands-on training) and testing;
  • Training management package, e.g. training sessions plan and lesson objectives, description of activities and practical exercises, training testing tools, PTT and hand-outs, list of training equipment and aids, reference materials and training administrative procedures;
  • Qualifications and experience of training staff, e.g. material production, presentation skills, personal qualities and accreditation of trainers;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of training, e.g. external and internal thorough assessments of trainers, site visits, discussions and questionnaires;
  • Responsibilities of training stakeholders, e.g. national coordination and certifying authorities, training operators and trainees;
  • Specifics of andragogy, i.e. teaching strategies focused on adults.

Training Aims and Objectives

The ToT course aims to enhance national training capacities in Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response for the interested OSCE participating States in Central Asia, including Afghanistan in accordance with the international standards and best practices.

Specific objectives of the ToT course:

  • To increase common understanding and standardization of training approaches and instructor specializations at individual and institutional levels in the field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response;
  • To enhance technical competence of Central Asian specialists and practitioners in delivering trainings in the field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response;
  • To contribute to professionalization of training services in the field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response provided by military and other governmental agencies;
  • To set up a regional pool of qualified and certified trainers in the field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response that might be used in subsequent trainings supported by the OSCE.

Training Programme Target Group

The target group of the training programme is specialists and practitioners from the interested OSCE pS in Central Asia and Afghanistan serving in the military and security sector as well as in humanitarian Mine Action institutions.

The targeted institutions are the relevant departments / units within the national authorities such as Ministries of Defence, Border Troops, Ministries of Internal Affairs and Ministries / Agencies of Emergency Situations and National Mine Action Centres.

The precondition to participate in the ToT course is prior successful participation in the ICExH programme EOD and Explosive Hazards Awareness and Response courses or completion of certified EOD level 3 and Explosive Hazards Awareness and Response courses in accordance with international Mine Action standards.

Training Institutions

The trainings are delivered by qualified and recognized training institutions and/or professionals with the certified ToT courses in accordance with the international standards and best practices in partnership with the OSCE OiT. The latter will supplement the training institution(s) by its own training capability, if needed.

Training Venues

The training course is carried out at the premises of the MoD of Tajikistan, namely the Engineering-Maintenance Regiment in Dushanbe and the Field training center of the Military Institute in Lyaur.

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